A Runner’s Take: The Difference Between Traditional and ‘Barefoot’ Running Shoes

Recent research is challenging the idea that runners who overpronate or underpronate need specially fitted shoes.

For more than 30 years, runners who overpronate (roll their feet too far inward) or underpronate (don’t roll their feet far enough inward) have been told they need specially prescribed shoes for adequate support to avoid injury. However, the […]

High-Impact Exercise Linked to Better Bone Health

Exercise Balls and Standing Desks at Work: Are they Really Good for Your Health?

Sitting on a yoga ball? Using a standing desk? These two latest trends are catching on in the work place, especially for people who worry about back pain and the dangers of extended sitting. But are they really that great for your back?Research shows that sitting too long can […]

Alice’s Pre-D Diary, Part One: Let’s Meet Alice

Alice is living with pre-diabetes, but she’s taking an important step to reverse her risk for developing Type 2 diabetes. Follow her health journey as she completes the diabetes prevention program and travels the road to better health.


I’m Alice. I’m 62 years young, and my husband and I live in Huntersville. I work as […]

Foot Patrol: What You Should Know About Plantar Fasciitis

For some, plantar fasciitis may sound like the scientific name for an exotic type of flora. But for others, it’s synonymous with debilitating – and sometimes crippling – pain that can seriously impact your quality of life. If you’ve ever stepped out of bed in the morning and felt a piercing pain […]

30-60-90 – Mixed Interval Training

The Internet as a Medical Resource: Is it a Helpful or Harmful Tool?

More often than not, people turn to the internet to determine the source of their medical aches and pains times and end up diagnosing themselves before ever stepping foot into a doctor’s office. While the internet can be a valuable source of information; it must be used with caution and online users need to […]

Record Breaking Number of Kidney Transplants at Levine Children’s Hospital

Levine Children’s Hospital, which operates one of the largest dialysis units in the country, is on track to have a record breaking number of kidney transplants in 2014. By the end of August of 2014, the pediatric nephrology department will have performed 14 transplants. For comparison, Wake Forest, East Carolina and Duke each […]

The ABC’s of Healthy Snacking

  • Apples- plain or dip in peanut butter
  • Ants on a log (celery with peanut butter & raisins)
  • Applesauce- no sugar added
  • Bagel- 1 tablespoon peanut butter on ½ of a whole wheat bagel. Topped with fruit
  • Blueberries
  • […]

4 Excuse-Busting Fitness Workouts

These four workouts will get you moving—whatever your reason is (no time? too tired?) for not exercising.

The excuse: “I don’t have time.”
The workout: Speedy circuit training.

An especially efficient use of exercise time is alternating short bursts of high-intensity cardio activity with strength moves—a one-two punch known as circuit training. “The combination burns tons of […]