Hepatitis C and Baby Boomers: What You Need to Know

One Colonoscopy, One Life Saved.

10 Healthy Tailgating Recipes

Presented by Tricia Azra, RD, LDN

America loves football! One of the best parts about football season is enjoying the pre-game parties and delicious foods. But if you’re worried about scoring too many calories, try some of these healthier updates to game day favorites. With a little planning, there’s no reason a tailgate picnic has […]

A Breast Cancer Survival Story: The Journey of Cynthia Shaw

Cynthia Shaw’s journey fighting breast cancer began with taking care of her husband Robert battling pancreatic cancer and a dream her daughter had.

Cynthia recalls her daughter Chemise telling her she had a dream her mom had breast cancer and she should see a doctor. After getting a mammogram she was called back because […]

What is Thrombosis? How Can You Prevent It?

In honor of October 13 being nationally recognized as World Thrombosis Day, spend some time educating yourself about thrombosis, its causes, and what you can do to help prevent it from developing.

What is Thrombosis?

Thrombosis refers to a blood clot that forms in the artery or vein, which can lead to a severe condition […]

Is It a Bad Mood or Depression?

It’s normal for everyone to have a bad day or a bad week. But when those moments drag on and on and you feel as though you cannot snap out of the bad mood, there may be a more serious, underlying issue.

Depression, a state of unhappiness and hopelessness, is characterized by persistent feelings of […]

Alice’s Pre-D Diary Part 3: Climbing Uphill

Alice is living with prediabetes, but she’s taking an important step to reverse her risk for developing Type 2 diabetes. Follow her health journey as she completes the Diabetes Prevention Program and travels the road to better health.


Part 3: Climbing Uphill

The E-Word

As my new and improved eating habits started leading to weight loss, I […]

State-of-the-art Biospecimen Repository Opens, Enhances Research in Personalized Medicine

Carolinas HealthCare System recently created a BioSpecimen Repository on its Mint Hill campus, which will ultimately enhance researchers’ understanding of how to more effectively treat a broad range of diseases. Carol J. Farhangfar, PhD, MBA, Assistant Vice President of Carolinas HealthCare System’s Tissue Procurement and Levine Cancer Institute’s Translational Research, is overseeing the development […]

John Santopietro, MD, Chief Clinical Officer of Behavioral Health at Carolinas HealthCare System to Speak at High-Level Health Care Forum

Understanding and Preventing Sepsis

By Alan Heffner, MD

Every year, more than one million Americans fight sepsis, a serious condition that not many people know about. In fact, it is more common than heart attack and more harmful than stroke, killing one person every two minutes.
Sepsis can affect anyone with an infection and, because it can get worse […]