“Code Rupture” Protocol Saves Patients Life

On May 18th, John Pazur arrived at the Emergency Department at Stanly Regional Medical Center with an aortic aneurysm at risk of rupturing — a situation that, if left untreated could result in sudden death.

He received urgent medical attention from various physicians and subsequent treatment from surgeons across numerous departments across the System. […]

5 Common Diet Myths Busted

Six Healthy Sides to Add to Your Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving meals don’t always have to be gut-busting. It’s time to enjoy a new variety of fruits and vegetables that can help you power up your immune system and keep you healthy all winter long. Here are some super fall foods and easy ways to include them on your Thanksgiving menu.


Pears are a nutritional bargain. […]

Baby Girl Saves Her Mother’s Life

Alice’s Pre-D Diary Part 4: Success!

Alice is living with prediabetes, but she’s taking an important step to reverse her risk for developing Type 2 diabetes. Follow her health journey as she completes the Diabetes Prevention Program and travels the road to better health.

Part 4: Success!

Scaling Down

After 16 weekly sessions to help us eat better and move more, our core […]

7 Health Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds

Recipe: Roasted Pumpkin Seeds